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Lady Gaga

March 21, 2010
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Everytime I hear a song from The Fame, I get to thinking about driving to Alburquerque by my lonesome on the weekend while I was at the academy.  It was always at night, and the fields were lonely as hell. Driving from Artesia to Clive’s Corner was a long drive, and you’d be lucky if you saw more than three cars in 130 miles. A lot of the time it was snowing. When you come into ABQ, you drive down through the mountains and into a valley, and it really does look pretty magnificent when you hit it at night. Spreads out for forever. Phoenix does the same thing sorta when you come down from Flagstaff, but this looks much more impressive in my minds eye.

Let’s see, there was a Jasmine, an I forget, an Elaine, another I forget (but she was a Desi so whoo), a Kate, and a Hazel. I remember going up on Universal drive and seeing the whole city spread out under me while driving to another bad romance.

I still can’t hear some of those songs without either thinking of riding on a shitty bus to or from Roswell or placing my hand against the window of the rental I was driving just to have a contrast between the warm car and the wind outside. Driving through towns where the water was gone and they had died but they didn’t know it yet and being intensely creeped out.


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