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Old Friends, New Places, pt 5

July 30, 2010
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Clay was dreaming, but for FOSsils, most of their dreaming was the lucid variety . He was a comet, hurtling through space, with six others. Kipling, Jake, Cape, Fareedon, Keza, and Drake, all going in the same direction but so far from one another that the others seemed like white lights with tails, letting him know that he was not alone. He looked for Keza, who was farther than anyone. He wondered if this was purposeful. He was the man without a raptor, and she was the raptor without a man. There had been some talk, after Scylla, about putting them together as a team from those who had no idea of what a Bond entailed. Fletcher had been there to stop that.



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For future reference

July 28, 2010

There are some of you following my serialized story, old friends, who I do not know about and are not being facebook messaged about what is going on. I am changing the names because they are based off real people and this saves me a lot of CTRL + F rewriting in the future. From now on:

Tyler = Clay

Alex = Chris(tina)

Leah = Chi(cago)

Emily = Jane

Carmen = Allie

Thanks for following! Certain things in part 2 (the battle) and part 3 (the chat) have been fine tuned a little as well. If you’re waiting for part 5, that might be a place to whet your appetite.

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Old friends, new places. Pt 4

July 23, 2010
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“Fighting across the stars,” Emily said, musing over the turn of phrase.

“What about it?” asked Tyler, pulling one leg up into the chair with him.

“I suppose that’s what got me out here. I was on Terra, you know, for the liberation. Were you there?” she asked.

Tyler shook his head. “No, most of us were deployed on Illuria. We were to deal with the thought police there and use our empathic projection to help keep up the morale of the Illurians who were rebelling. Only Rolf and Sara were on Terra,” he said.


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Old Friends, New Places, Pt 3.

July 10, 2010
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Alex took the orb, and spun it in her hand. It did not come alive for her like it had for the women, but she seem to expect that. “This is what the Naith use as databases,” she said. “Even now, their culture remains an enigma. We’ve reports of an exile who came over not too long ago, but that’s above my pay grade.”

She put the orb down, and Leah looked at her incredulously. “So that’s what all that’s what all those lives were for? All the dead? You, Emily, and myself, almost Domesticated by a Rulon? All for a Naith encyclopedia?!” she said, turning the last word into a curse.

“Yes,” Alex said flatly. Leah gave a snarl and leapt at Alex, who was restrained by Emily and wrestled back down.

“They died, and there is nothing we can do about that,” Emily told Leah. “That is the Truth. All we can do is make sure those deaths were worthwhile,” she said. Alex looked over Emily.

“Odd, a human who believes in Ultimate Truth,” Alex noted. Emily cut her eyes at Alex.

“Yes, I do. And you should know what we think of duplicity and lies and those who use them,” Emily said.

“Before you lecture me, remember that the Illurians are the originators of Ultimate Truth, and they’re the greatest intelligenciers and covert agents we have in the Empire,” Alex noted.  Emily’s retort died on her lips as Carmen’s voice filled the cabin.

“Ladies, we’ve got a problem,” she said.


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