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Its a lot of people | April 2, 2010

I saw my first groups on the MSS today. When you see 40 bodies on screen you wonder if there is anyone left down in Mexico.

I am trying to get this travel card thing squared away. I don’t know how its going to end up but I hope I can pull it out of my ass. Wish me luck.

Kung fu starts on Tuesday. I am a little anxious but pretty excited to get started. I just don’t like being around strangers too much. Seems like a pretty friendly environment – just don’t want to look a fool.

Snapped at some faggot on the radio today. I think I am just overreacting a bit to some other people though, to be honest. It feels like my back is STILL up against a wall, even though that might not be the case. Do I have to fight again to make my point? Might be the way it has to be. Always fighting. Always a soldier.


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