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April 18, 2010
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Yesterday was quite a day. 6 hours of kung fu with Master Mullins, who taught us a pretty keen Tiger kata. I tested for my yellow sash, and passed. But right now for today I don’t want to think about kung fu. I’m going to practice my forms some more this week but lordy am I sore in places I didn’t even know I could be sore. Flying out for Washington today. Looking forward to this trip of mine.


Another bit of the story.

April 15, 2010
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Kip frowned under his visor after Reaper severed the connection. “I think I may have just stepped on my dick there,” he told her as she turned about, toward the sound of Peacer jump jets.

“If they laughed its a good sign. Its when they’re quiet you have to worry about them,” Delah said, firing off a shot or two into melee ahead. It was more for the Rulonian’s morale than to hit anything, to let him know help was almost there. Kip didn’t say anything. He was focusing his will into molding his dreamblade into a curved blade, for slicing the delicate series of hoses and wires that were part of the enemy’s jump packs. It responded easily, having tasted fresh blood, and slid into the desired shape.

“They’re certainly not quiet, they scream into battle like meteors, and they blast the most ridiculous song when they decide to show up,” Kip observed, firing his pistol ahead at blue white targets.

“See, calling their song ridiculous is what would get you killed,” Delah said. “Gameface, partner.”

“Good thing I have your steadying influence,” he told her,  “Dismounting after the first pass,” he said as they entered the fray.


Commando-Sergeant Major Jersey laughed as he killed the com to the rider on the ground. “What the hell does he know about our type of mission?” The men around him laughed, their chuckled muffled by the helmets they wore. Painted with a skull patina, they glowed blue in the lights of the drop pod as it began its decent. They sat back best they could, the heavy plates of their battle armor made sitting for extended periods of time an uncomfortable experience, especially when locked into a drop pod. The rest of their armor was a glossy black, sucking up the light.  One commando was playing with a haptic hologram, working through personel files, and he gave a surprised grunt.


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April 7, 2010
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So kung fu went really well. Everyone seemed really friendly and I learned a bit more about striking and stuff. I particularly liked that it was pretty laid back. When we went to grappling, I started to shine there. I ended up being paired up with a brown belt. In my opinion my technique was a bit sloppy and a lot of it seemed to be me leveraging my weight and strength to sweep or takedown. Regardless, they seemed pretty cool with it, and said I would enjoy the grappling takedown sessions that they have. So far I’m pretty happy with it.

In other news I need to go find an optomitrist, dentist, and doctor this week. Time to get this crap taken care of.

Its a lot of people

April 2, 2010
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I saw my first groups on the MSS today. When you see 40 bodies on screen you wonder if there is anyone left down in Mexico.

I am trying to get this travel card thing squared away. I don’t know how its going to end up but I hope I can pull it out of my ass. Wish me luck.

Kung fu starts on Tuesday. I am a little anxious but pretty excited to get started. I just don’t like being around strangers too much. Seems like a pretty friendly environment – just don’t want to look a fool.

Snapped at some faggot on the radio today. I think I am just overreacting a bit to some other people though, to be honest. It feels like my back is STILL up against a wall, even though that might not be the case. Do I have to fight again to make my point? Might be the way it has to be. Always fighting. Always a soldier.

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