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Happy Sunday | March 22, 2010

Did nothing but sit around and dick off. Went to Sauce for dinner with Tiffany. It was damn good. I notice that there are many restaurants with what I think of as a “west coast” configuration because I don’t see them out east.  Order your food, sit down, and they bring your food to you. Pei Wei, Chilpolte, Sauce are just to name a few. All pretty dang good.

Starting phase two of P90x. Its a workout!!!!

Looking at airline prices right now before starting ab ripper X. I want to go back to old country (delaware) this May and I am comparing prices. Looks like Delta/US/United et al all have better prices than Southwest but I know I am going to get gouged going in and coming out. Fuck that noise.  Thankfully I can fly armed (!!!) and avoid all the nonsense with security and stripping down to my asshole so some fat woman in a hijab can stare at me.


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