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Ren Fairing it up | March 21, 2010

What a mistake. I haven’t pinged that badly in crowds since about forever. The entire time I’m telling myself stupid stupid stupid, not bringing something with me in case shit hits the fan. Of course, there’s a large part of me that realises how silly that thought is, but then there’s a larger part that says NO YOU IDIOT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THE WORLD IS NOT A FRIENDLY PLACE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


There were a bevy of nice looking girls dressed up as renaissance whores. Call em dancers, gypsies, wenches, whatever, there was a lot of skin on display and a surprising amount of it was lovely. On the other hand there were the people who take this shit way too seriously and look like a tent with boobs. Two steps forward, one back, I guess.

There are a lot of trashy looking people who go to these things! It is like Wal Mart on a much grander scale. I have never seen so many young people riding around on scooters, or three generations of morbidly obese sitting around a table.

 Unrelated Protip: If you are going to be Sir Siegland Nighthawk, you should probably take the bluetooth out of your ear.

Had a “turkey” leg, which was actually ham. Hope no one was keeping kosher! I got about ten bites out of the thing before it became more of a problem to eat than it was worth, and chucked it. About an hour later it felt like someone had grabbed my guts and twisted. Whoops. Was hoping there’d be some fried coke about, but no such luck. I’d still like to try that.  I know I was just bitching about fat Americans but hey fried coke does sound pretty good.


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