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Five COs in a room. | March 18, 2010

The cool thing about my first responder class is that we’re all former correction officers, so we like to sit around and shoot the shit. A lot. There is only five of us, with two instructors and three students. We’re all pretty well versed in this stuff, so for the most part they can cover ground quickly and we’ll pick it up fast. I’ve got to say, the instructors here are very good, and this is one of the more advanced CPR/AED classes I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to the entire “medical/trauma” assessment.

In other news, the SBI net “virtual fence” got shit canned. This is great news because the damn thing didn’t work in the first place and now we’re getting money to try and unfuck our budget problems.

Also Souper!Salad is pretty damn delicious, gotta say. Its a salad bar on steroids!


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