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The Heimlich family sued | March 17, 2010

Seriously. Apparently first aid/emergency response classes don’t call it the heimlich manuever anymore because the family trademarked the name and wanted money. So now it is “upward abdominal thrusts”. Today was actually pretty interesting, but then again so was yesterday. So now I can take blood pressure and all that jazz, which I think is swell. We also learned about triage, and let me tell you – if you’re a kid in a massive accident you better be breathing or responsive at some point because otherwise you are tagged as GONER and we move on.

So I am testing for CPR and AED tomorrow. This seems to be a bit more complex than the one that you do at your first aid class, but I think I got it down.

So, Isreal and the US are at odds. Huzzah!


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