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Use the knee chest position! | March 16, 2010

Today was the first day of first responder, and I find it actually pretty interesting.  Today we learned quite a bit about all sorts of different ways to treat wounds, and what situations may come up. Such as the wildness known as pregnancy. So technically I guess I can birth a baby if it comes down to it, but man I wouldn’t feel too comfortable doing that in the middle of the desert with some little mexicana screaming in Spanish.

My buddy Bermudez is going up to Tucson for an intel detail, so good for him but that pretty much means that I’m going to be at checkpoint even more. Better and worst, I guess.

Looking forward to the oWoD game this Thursday. Life has been so damn busy with work lately and surprise camps. Did the P90X core synergenics last night, and I’m pretty sore today. Looking forward to Cardio XXXXXXXXXXXXX tonight.


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